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A hog call loud enough to rattle the crystal shook a Fort Worth ballroom Wednesday, and also shattered a record for local philanthropy.

Dallas Cowboys executive Stephen Jones took philanthropist Lee Bass up on his offer to donate an extra $1,000 toward our Goodfellows Fund holiday charity for poor children.

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Bass’ only request: to hear Jones, Arkansas-born and a former Arkansas football player, “call the hogs” like the Razorbacks’ fans.


Blue Alert issued in search for suspect in Texas police
officer’s death

Jones, soft-spoken throughout the luncheon as he discussed the Cowboys’ fortunes and misfortunes, erupted with a “Woooooooo! Pig! Sooie!”

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The $1,000 gift came when the businessmen’s club was $1,000 short of last year’s $297,000 gift. The club went on to raise a record $300,325, enough in a single luncheon to buy school clothes and shoes for 6,000 children.

That’s more than half the annual goal for the 108th Goodfellow Fund drive, a Star-Telegram and Exchange Club legacy from the days of co-founder and Publisher Amon G. Carter, born 140 years ago Wednesday.

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Since the turn of the 20th century, American newspapers have led charity campaigns to buy clothes and shoes for needy children in the community.

The need is greater than ever, and groups like the Exchange Club have increased their giving to help serve every Tarrant County child.

“This is an organization that’s doing good work and we;re all proud to help,” said executive Dan Feehan. He paid $5,000 for an autographed Dak Prescott helmet.

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Donated, signed, Cowboy items brought large amounts close to the end of the Exchange Club’s annual Christmas fund raiser luncheon for the Goodfellow Fund at the Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. They raised $300,325. (Special to the Star-Telegram Bob Booth) Bob Booth BOB BOOTH
Club members had already handed in checks before “chief extractor” George Young started auctioning off Cowboys memorabilia, singling out some deep pockets in the audience.

Inducting a new member, Young took the newbie’s wallet and emptied it of petty cash. He also took the good-natured liberty of adding zeroes to other members’ checks, or telling them how much they were going to give.

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When the first tally came out at only $175,000, Young said: “We need another $120,000, folks — I’m just going to be blunt.”

He collected that and more.

Young inducted new members Stephen Butt, a grocery executive; Cass Rodgers, an energy executive; and financial executive Marcus Snyder. (Other new members are Jeremiah Donati, the TCU athletic director, and Chris Gavras, a consultant.)

Stephen Jones was the latest in a recent tradition of guest speakers, including former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and current Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

Jones said he’d never auctioned off a hog call before.

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“But I’m happy to call the hogs for anyone, anytime.” he said.

The club’s annual party used to be a members’ roast.

“But it today’s climate, that became more and more difficult,” said the club’s current president, Randy Rodgers, 67.

“Having a speaker is more interesting.”

Former TCU Chancellor William E. Tucker and the Exchange Clubs oldest member Paul Leonard share some views at the Exchange Club’s annual Christmas fund raiser luncheon for the Goodfellow Fund at the Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. They raised $300,325. (Special to the Star-Telegram Bob Booth) Bob Booth BOB BOOTH
Professional models Kari Ruth of Fort Worth and Lindsey Sanders of Dallas circulated through the meeting collecting checks.

The club’s senior member, Paul Leonard, 93, remembered when his family’s Leonards Department Store helped provide clothes and shoes for Goodfellow children. (Today the outfits come from Plano-based J.C. Penney.)

“I’ve been coming to these luncheons 50 years,” he said.

“We’ve always helped a lot of kids who needed shoes. The Goodfellows did a lot of good. It still does a lot of people a lot of good.”

Thanks to the Exchange Club.

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One former member of the Dallas Cowboys destroys them in an interview. Philadelphia Eagles fans will love this one.
Well, good old Jerry Jones is getting it on all sides now. Following three embarrassing losses, including two in primetime for the entire world to see, the Philadelphia Eagles rival, those darn Dallas Cowboys are the subject of a media firestorm, and you know what?

If you’re a ‘Birds’ fan, it’s actually kind of funny.

Denver Broncos make third straight appearance on
FanSided 250

Recently, Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of fame inductee Troy Aikman made some blistering comments in his weekly appearance on Dallas sports radio station KTCK, better known as ‘The Ticket’.

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Aikman responded to al the talk that’s surrounded him possibly becoming the general manager of Jones’ floundering organization by saying ‘I doubt it’. As Terrell Owens would say, ‘Getcha popcorn ready’. You’re going to love this. Here’s more from one half of FOX’s top broadcasting team for NFL games.

I mean, I think that’s a real long shot. I believe that it’s unlikely that Jerry will ever bring somebody in that can help this football team in that regard just because he’s been real stubborn and steadfast in that he’s the one in charge. I think in a lot of ways, until that changes, this team’s going to have some problems.
Take that you so-called America’s Team! How does that feel? Troy Aikman doesn’t want to have anything to do with you as long as good old Jerry is in charge, and here’s the bad news. You can’t even get rid of him because he’s the boss.

NEXT: 5 Possible replacements for Jason Garrett
It’s time for the reality to set in. It’s going to be hard to keep finding good and smart people to work in the organization when you have an owner who wants all of the credit for things that he had nothing to do with but doesn’t want to take any of the blame when things that he’s actually doing wrong.

Stay tuned, whether you love the Cowboys or Eagles or the New York Giants or the Washington Redskins. The fun is just starting.

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Dak Prescott completó de touchdown de 59 yardas con Tavon Austin en el segundo cuarto. Fue su pase N° 11 de anotación de 50 yardas o más desde su año de novato en el 2016.

“Fue una de esas jugadas en las que engañamos con otra jugada, pase corriendo“, explicó Prescott. “Me quité el disparo de un linebacker y cuando me di cuenta Tavon estaba cambiando de dirección solo por completo en esa área de linebackers. Tavon cruzó el campo, mandé el balón y él hizo el resto“.

El quarterback de los Cowboys está empatado con Tom Brady, de los New England Patriots, y Philip Rivers, de Los Angeles Chargers, como los quarterbacks con más pases de touchdown de al menos 50 yardas desde que llegó a la NFL.


El linebacker de los Cowboys Jaylon Smith reconoció que la victoria de este domingo servirá de poco si pierden la próxima semana contra su principal rival en la competencia por el título de la División Este de la Conferencia Nacional, los Philadelphia Eagles.

Sin embargo, Smith dijo que aplicarán la tradicional regla de las “24 horas“.

“Aquí tomamos las cosas día a día“, dijo Smith. “Esta noche, vamos a disfrutar la victoria, pero a partir de mañana se tratar de una temporada de un solo juego. Vamos a prepararnos estar listos y jugar contra los Eagles“.


- Ezekiel Elliott corrió para 117 yardas y Tony Pollard para 131. Fue la segunda vez que los Cowboys tuvieron dos corredores con más de 100 yardas en un mismo juego esta temporada. Es la primera vez en la historia de la franquicia que eso sucede.

- El centro largo L.P. Ladouceur jugó su partido 235 consecutivo con los Cowboys para igualar la marca de Jason Witten de más juegos al hilo en la historia del club.

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FOXBORO — Trash talking New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t sound like a good idea, but Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones had a reason for getting into it with the six-time Super Bowl champion Sunday.

Jones and Brady came helmet-to-helmet with 2:59 left in the first half and Kansas City leading 17-7. The Chiefs defense had just forced an incompletion from Brady to bring up fourth down, and Jones tried his best to frustrate the 42-year-old quarterback as much as possible.

“Just crap-talking,” Jones said of his exchange with Brady. “Tom is a heck of a quarterback, a Hall of Famer. Any time you’re able to talk crap, you gotta affect him any type of way. I got much respect for Tom Brady, man. He’s definitely a GOAT in my eyes, one of the greatest. Any time you’re able to affect his game any type of way, whether it’s talking, whether it’s hitting him, whether it’s getting him uncomfortable, you got to.”

Does Jones think all of that had any effect?

“I mean, you see the score.”

The Chiefs won 23-16 to secure the AFC West title and take another step closer toward earning a top-two seed in the AFC playoff race.

Updated NFL playoff picture after Week 14>>>

It’s hard to imagine any kind of trash talk having a negative impact on Brady’s performance. He’s one of the most mentally tough players in league history. What we do know is this Chiefs defense is much better-equipped to slow down the Patriots’ offense than last season’s unit.

The Chiefs, from a physicality standpoint, made an effort to stand up to the Patriots, and that was quite apparent when Kansas City wide receiver Sammy Watkins got tangled up with New England cornerback Stephon Gilmore on the visitors’ sideline in the second half.

“You got two good players going up against each other in heated moments,” Watkins said. “I know him from (the Buffalo Bills), so I was like, this is my opportunity to take a shot, and I did, and he took his shots also.”

The chippiness made for a playoff-like scene in Foxboro, and you can bet all of the trash talk and physical play won’t be forgotten if these teams meet again in January.

“First play of the game I knew it was more of a playoff atmosphere, a playoff game,” Watkins said. “It definitely was probably one of the hardest battles since last year, and that’s what we look forward to. It’s going to be the same way in the next six or seven weeks, so we just gotta continue to come out and play with each other and play hard, strong, and keep fighting.”

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ARLINGTON, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – It appears the Dallas Cowboys have found their kicker as they continue their playoff push.

Newly signed Kai Forbath made is debut for the Cowboys on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams after the team let go of struggling kicker Brett Maher.

And it was a perfect debut.

Forbath was 3-3 on field goals — two from 42 and one from 50 yards. He also made all five extra points as the Cowboys blew out the Rams at AT&T Stadium, 44-21.

His one blunder of the game came on his first kickoff when he kicked the ball out of bounds, giving the Rams great field position.

It was a welcome sight for fans as they saw the previous kicker, Maher, become inconsistent throughout an already topsy-turvy season. In his last two games, Maher was 1-4 on his field goal attempts.

The Cowboys will look to keep a consistent kicking game as they head to Philadelphia with playoff hopes on the line.

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Le mois dernier, Xavier Woods s’est blessé lors d’un live-event à Sydney en Australie et souffre depuis d’une déchirure du tendon d’Achille. Bien que la blessure a été jugée très sérieuse au début, le pronostique est de plus en plus rassurant.

L’utilisateur Reddit “looselipsbackstage”, connu pour avoir rapporté plusieurs scoops concernant Lana, Rusev, les Survivor Series et plus, affirme que Woods sera examiné par les médecins de la WWE en mai prochain. A l’origine, le rendez-vous était programmé pour le mois le juillet, ce qui est généralement bon signe lorsque que l’évaluation a lieu plus tôt que prévue. Il est donc probable que Woods soit de retour sur les rings un peu plus tôt que ce qu’ont suggéré les précédents rapports. Ce qui est presque certain aujourd’hui, c’est que Woods va manquer Wrestlemania 36 et ne devrait pas revenir avant le début de l’été prochain, au minimum.

L’utilisateur “looselipsbackstage” rapporte également que Samoa Joe sera évalué par les médecins de la WWE le lundi 30 décembre prochain. Pour le moment, il est difficile de savoir quand Joe sera de retour sur les rings, mais cela n’arrivera donc pas en 2020. Pour rappel, le samoan souffre d’une blessure au pouce et n’est donc pas autorisé à monter sur les rings. Pour le moment, il remplacera Dio Maddin à la table des commentateurs de RAW puisque ce dernier est de retour au Performance Center pour poursuivre sa carrière comme Superstar.

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The Dallas Cowboys had to play without Jeff Heath on Sunday against the Detroit Lions and that meant Darian Thompson got the start in his place. Unfortunately, Thompson didn’t rise to the occasion and struggled in coverage against the Lions. If Jeff Heath isn’t available when the Dallas Cowboys travel to New England this week, the Cowboys will have to make a decision. Do they continue to roll with Thompson despite a poor showing, or give preseason standout Donovan Wilson a shot?

Last week, Kris Richard stated that Thompson was a player that the defensive staff trusted to fill in for Heath at strong safety and it’s possible they still feel that way moving forward. Thompson is a veteran player and has the ability to be disruptive in the run game. Against the Lions assortment of pass catchers, however, Thompson had a difficult time. Pro Football Focus gave Thompson the lowest coverage grade of any player on the defense in week 11 and there were times it was evident he was the weakest link in the secondary.

Since the 2019 NFL Draft, Cowboys fans and analysts have been intrigued by the prospects of Donovan Wilson starting at safety alongside Xavier Woods. Wilson had shown a penchant for making plays on the football while at Texas A&M. The excitement about Wilson in the secondary was only furthered when he had three interceptions in four preseason games.

Though the Cowboys defensive coaches may consider Wilson more of a free safety type, he and Woods both provide a lot of versatility that could allow Kris Richard to mix and match them in coverages to keep the offense guessing. With Woods and Wilson, it wouldn’t be so simple to diagnose who is the box safety and who is the deep middle until after the snap.

The Dallas Cowboys’ defense has been inconsistent in creating turnovers this season and Donovan Wilson could help that. With Tom Brady and the New England Patriots on the horizon, I find it unlikely that the Cowboys coaching staff would go to a rookie, but if Darian Thompson struggles in week 12 as he did against the Detroit Lions, Richard needs to be willing to make a change in the secondary.

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have much margin for error over the remainder of the schedule with a tight NFC East race with the Philadelphia Eagles. Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind, even if that means putting young, unproven players on the field. The Cowboys coaching staff can’t keep Donovan Wilson’s playmaking intangibles on the sideline much longer. To make a deep run in the playoffs, defenses have to be able to create turnovers and Donovan Wilson is just one of those guys that can create turnovers. This week might be the time to unleash that ability.

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DETROIT — Darian Thompson wore a loss on his face.

He quietly stood at his locker Sunday, among the last defensive backs to dress. He spoke softly, the disappointment dripping from his words, as music blasted nearby from a sound system that defensive lineman Michael Bennett operated.

This was a winning locker room.

Deejay aside, in the defense’s area, it didn’t sound like one.

“First off, I’ll start with me,” Thompson said. “I’ve got to be better. I gave up too many plays today, me personally. As a unit, we’ve just got to continue to fight, continue to scratch and claw. Be consistent with our execution.”

For stretches Sunday, Dallas performed as it should against a Detroit Lions offense without its franchise quarterback. It pressured. It forced three-and-outs. It controlled. But two early touchdowns on short fields and too many explosive plays in the second half kept a 35-27 win far closer than it should have been.

At Ford Field, this performance was enough.

At Gillette Stadium next Sunday against the New England Patriots, it almost certainly wouldn’t be.

“Not good enough,” cornerback Chidobe Awuzie said. “We allowed too many touchdowns to a team like that with a quarterback [Matthew Stafford] injured. We lost last week. Usually, we respond well. I don’t think we responded well enough today.

“It wasn’t good enough tackling. We let them kind of run on us. They completed a couple passes for touchdowns. … I don’t think it was good enough today as a whole defense.”

There were a share of lowlights.

Thompson, Awuzie and linebacker Leighton Vander Esch each missed a tackle on a 22-yard catch by Lions running back J.D. McKissic in the second quarter. That was one of a season-high seven plays exceeding 20 yards the Cowboys allowed. Five of those seven occurred in the second half.

By comparison, the Cowboys entered Sunday having allowed five 20-yard plays in a game just once in 2019. That came during their miserable Oct. 13 loss to the New York Jets.

Thompson and safety Xavier Woods were the nearest defenders in zone coverage on the Lions’ longest gain, a 39-yard strike from Jeff Driskel to Marvin Hall. The second-longest play was a 34-yard jump ball that Driskel chucked for wide receiver Kenny Golladay. A leaping Thompson was unable to break up the pass late in the fourth quarter of a one-score game.

But the defense immediately responded.

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Before Jourdan Lewis was a standout cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, Michigan Wolverines or the Detroit Cass Tech Technicians, he was a youth football player within the Detroit Police Athletic League like thousands of children are each year.

Simply called Detroit PAL, the organization offers 11 different sports for children of various ages from all corners of Detroit. Lewis got his start in the sport of football with PAL’s Westside Cubs team and he intends to show his appreciation in Dallas’ Thursday night football game at Chicago.

As part of the NFL’s #MyCauseMyCleats campaign, Lewis will wear custom cleats in tribute to Detroit PAL. In a tweet from the Dallas Cowboys account, Lewis chose to represent PAL on his cleats because the organization “helped shape him growing up.”

According to the NFL’s website, “[p]layers will have the opportunity to raise money for their cause by auctioning their cleats off at NFL Auction; 100 percent of money raised will be donated to the player’s charities. Fans may bid on game-issued player cleats to help players raise funds for their chosen causes.”

Lewis’ teammate on Dallas, running back Mike Weber, is also a Cass Tech alum who went on to play for Ohio State. He will be wearing cleats in support of the Autism Speaks campaign.

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The Buffalo Bills on April 25 selected former Cougars defensive tackle Ed Oliver with the No. 9 selection, marking the end of two years of no first-round picks for UH.

Houston may not have to wait much longer to produce another premier NFL talent.

Senior left tackle Josh Jones’ collegiate career is over. Now, it’s time for him to spend months preparing for 2020’s iteration of the NFL Draft, held in Las Vegas. His chances of making it in the first are good.

Jones measures in as a fringe first-round pick and likely second-rounder, according to NFL Draft experts NFL Media’s Lance Zierlein and CBS Sports’ Chris Trapasso. Both see him elevating his stock if he has a good Senior Bowl performance in late January.

“He has the size, length, starting experience, production and athleticism of most prospects at his position who ultimately go in one of those first two rounds,” Trapasso said in a Twitter message.

At 6 feet 7 inches and 310 pounds, he has foundational NFL size at an important position.

“He needs to add more strength to his frame, but he’s got long arms, he’s a good athlete and he has really shown a great deal of improvement with his technique in pass protection as the season has progressed,” Zierlein said in a Twitter message. “He’s better in pass protection than he is a run blocker right now, but that’s okay because that’s what gets you drafted earliest – taking care of the quarterback.”

Both Zierlein and Trapasso agree that Jones is a stout pass protector. That correlates with their comparisons, as Zierlein sees him similar to Chicago Bears starter Bobby Massie while Trapasso has him as a fusion between All-Pro Tyron Smith and Pro Bowler Mitchell Schwartz.

The draft season has yet to ramp up. While the Cougars won’t be playing football until 2020, the NFL is, and so are bowling teams. However, Jones is getting attention, as he’s earned his fair share of spots as a first-rounder in mock drafts.

The hype for Jones is there. While not a definite first-round pick in all eyes, he plays an increasingly valuable position and is strongest in its most prominent trait – pass protecting. If he has good performances at the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine and UH pro-day, Cougar nation may be looking at back-to-back first-round picks for the first time since 1972.

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FRISCO – A recent Sunday morning TV report about the contractual future of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones sounded strikingly familiar to us … Because it’s the same exact news we broke nine months ago.

The “latest” comes from CBS Sports, which writes, “Sources said it looks increasingly likely (Jones) will be elsewhere in 2020.” This story – which also features a completely inaccurate “scoop” on how Dallas is likely to “lose Amari Cooper” – frankly continues a CBS trend of taking the original work of others and then tacking on its own claim of “additional sources” to steal credit for a story that isn’t really theirs, or, as it likely the case here, simply being ignorant regarding their “new story” actually being a regurgitation of someone else’s reporting.

So what did we write about the Cowboys and Byron Jones last March 13? And what has changed? First, the original reporting:

The Cowboys think Byron Jones “deserves all the credit” for his breakout season at cornerback in 2018. As a result, he deserves all the money, too.

But I do not believe that’s going to happen in Dallas.

“I want nothing other than playing for the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones told the media at the Pro Bowl, where he was a first-time participant. And it’s a remark that is classic Byron: He combines being smart and thoughtful with being an athletic badass, traits that especially paid off for last season when new defensive aide Kris Richard suggested the move from safety to corner for the former first-round pick.

The payoff was immediate, incredible and year-long. Jones proved to be among the NFL corners most difficult to score against, even to complete a pass against. In In 64 career games (entering 2019), Jones has only two interceptions, but that’s really a nitpick given all his positives.

So why won’t it be an automatic, as he enters the final year of his existing deal, for Dallas to pay him like the elite corner he’s proven to be?

Maybe part of it is some reservations, on some level, that he’s truly worthy of Josh Norman ($15 mil a year) or Patrick Peterson ($14 mil a year) money. But bigger than that, I think, is the “You Can’t Pay Everybody” philosophy that drives salary-cap-related decisions.

At the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met the DFW media on his bus and engaged in a fun parlor game of “Make Your List.” He wouldn’t offer his “priority list,” except to suggest to reporters that his list likely mirrors theirs/ours/yours.

The names on the Cowboys’ list include DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. For a variety of reasons, those three are probably the priorities. Finding a way to do Ezekiel Elliott would figure to be next in the pecking order.

The Cowboys have talked publicly about re-signing Byron, possibly as early as this offseason. But if he knows he can be a $14 million APY guy if he repeats his 2018 season, why should be bow to anywhere near his present salary of $6.2 mil?

And if the Cowboys have to do Tank, Dak, Amari and Zeke, how can Byron possibly leap-from over them in importance?

When Richard said of Jones, “I think the sky is the limit for him,” he might very well be right about the talent and the performance. But when it comes to paying Byron Jones $15 million a year to stay in Dallas? I think the (financial) limit is somewhere south of the sky.

And now today … Dallas of course did sign Tank and Zeke and continues to pledge to sign Dak and Amari. They do not talk of Byron at the same level, because while they view him as a very good corner, there has not been 2019 justification to view him – for a team with available cap funds for 2020 ear-marked very specifically – as a priority.

Meanwhile, the cost of retaining Prescott and Cooper has risen. And that’s yet another reason that barring a Jones willingness to take less than market value to be a “Cowboy for Life,” my March report on him getting “squeezed” is mirrored exactly by what I’m reporting now.

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The Cowboys look like they will have starting safety Jeff Heath and backup running back Tony Pollard on Sunday against the Rams.

Both were full participants in Thursday’s practice after being limited Wednesday.

Heath missed last week’s loss to the Bears with injuries to both shoulders. Pollard sat out the game after injuring his ankle in practice two days before the game.

Those were the only changes to the team’s injury report.

Linebacker Sean Lee remained out with pectoral and thigh injuries. He has started the past three games at weakside linebacker in place of Leighton Vander Esch, who remains out with a neck injury.