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PULLMAN, WA – Who would have thought that Carl Gustafson, a flanker for the Washington State Cougars from 1925-27 would have sparked a legacy.

If the name Gustafson doesn’t ring a bell, I’m sure Pelluer does.

WSU linebacker Peyton Pelluer is heading into his sixth season for the Washington State Cougars and he’s far from being the only Pelluer to have worn crimson and gray.

“My dad played linebacker,” Pelluer said. “And once you start getting up to my great grandfather. He was playing positions that don’t really exist anymore.”

Peyton is a fourth generation Coug.

His father played for WSU, and his father, and his father.

But what’s surprising: he’s the only one out of his siblings to “go crimson.”

Two of his siblings went to the University of Washington (yes, UW) and the other Montana.

“A lot of it came down to recruiting,” Pelluer said. “Both of them would have loved to come here but it just didn’t work out for them.”

Pelluer has two brothers and one sister.

Both brothers following in their father’s footsteps, playing linebacker.

“I don’t know, it was just a natural position for us,” Pelluer said. “Never was much of an offensive guy. That’s for soft guys.”

Football was just something else that came natural to the Pelluer clan.

A family that includes National Football League and D1 college football players.

And with a brother, sister, and uncle (Steve Pelluer who played quarterback for UW in the early 80s and would play in the NFL) who were Huskies, you’d expect the Apple Cup in the Pelluer household to be a hostile one.

“You would think it would be pretty intense but it’s actually pretty mellow for our family,” Pelluer said.

Since the family has such strong ties to the Evergreen state, the Apple Cup is more the family than UW vs. WAZZU.

“I have a very supportive family and they just want to go out and make sure I have a good game and support me,” Pelluer said. “They’ll crack a smile if UW scores a touchdown or be cheering if I make a play. But and the end of the day, it’s family first.”

A family with four generations of Cougs, mixed with some Huskies and a Grizzly.

“Crimson runs deep in our blood and the same with UW, I guess,” Pelluer said while making a pretend vomit face.

In terms of having a fifth generation, he said he’d be all for it and “that has to be a record.”

But he’d do exactly what his parents did with him, just be open to their choices.

A legacy starting with WSC flanker Carl Gustafson.

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