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Two-time Super Bowl champion “Big Al” Williams joined Clint Stoerner’s show Wednesday and spoke highly of Texans head coach Bill O’Brien and what the team is doing offensively.

Williams, a Houston native who won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos in the 1990s, is now a radio host in Denver.

The Broncos (4-8) bring to Houston a struggling team with a rookie quarterback making his second NFL start.

Meanwhile, the Texans hold a one-game lead in the AFC South, currently the fourth seed in the conference going into this week.

Williams said more teams should do as the Texans and Baltimore Ravens, by changing their offensive systems to fit what is making college quarterbacks so successful.

In Houston, the run-pass option scheme has allowed the Texans to form into one of the most explosive offenses in football.

Only five other teams have more passing plays for 40 yards or more. Only three teams have more passing touchdowns. The Texans also rank in the top 10 for total points.

“It’s got to happen soon,” Williams said when asked how long it would take for offensive philosophies to adapt. “When 90-95 percent of all offenses in college have an RPO element to them and most of the offensive production is happening out of the RPO system. You look at the top 25 in college and you see that the average points scored is 38 points or more for the top 25. Man, it is an exciting brand of football.

“People in Houston are excited about Deshaun Watson. They see what they’ve done in the front office trying to get more guys in there to supplement and get out there on the perimeter to make this more of a basketball style offense. It’s no different than when Warren Moon was playing there in Houston and they ran the run-and-shoot. All it was, was trying to get a one-on-one for a guy down the field. In the RPO system, all you’re doing is moving linebackers to open passing lanes and if they don’t move, you hand the ball off to the running back and it’s a positive play for the offense.

“If more NFL owners don’t reach into the college ranks and start bringing in more guys like Cliff Kingsbury into the mix, then I’m telling you right now, those teams are going to get ran through. …

“Bill O’Brien and the Houston Texans have created an NBA-type of environment there in Houston. What they did when going out and getting Kenny Stills, drafting Will Fuller, and bringing in Darren Fells at the tight end position and then going out and trading for two running backs who are off the chain. Man, you can’t get this stuff in the draft quickly.

“You got to go out and do the things Bill O’Brien has done in Houston to supplement all of those different positions. …

“They’ve gotten really good, really quick by just going out and trading for players who can already play rather than waiting to develop when your quarterback is ready to go. I believe in that whole system all together. Now, I know it wasn’t popular when Jadeveon Clowney was getting traded out there in Houston, but right now it’s looking really good.”

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