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A hog call loud enough to rattle the crystal shook a Fort Worth ballroom Wednesday, and also shattered a record for local philanthropy.

Dallas Cowboys executive Stephen Jones took philanthropist Lee Bass up on his offer to donate an extra $1,000 toward our Goodfellows Fund holiday charity for poor children.

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Bass’ only request: to hear Jones, Arkansas-born and a former Arkansas football player, “call the hogs” like the Razorbacks’ fans.


Blue Alert issued in search for suspect in Texas police
officer’s death

Jones, soft-spoken throughout the luncheon as he discussed the Cowboys’ fortunes and misfortunes, erupted with a “Woooooooo! Pig! Sooie!”

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The $1,000 gift came when the businessmen’s club was $1,000 short of last year’s $297,000 gift. The club went on to raise a record $300,325, enough in a single luncheon to buy school clothes and shoes for 6,000 children.

That’s more than half the annual goal for the 108th Goodfellow Fund drive, a Star-Telegram and Exchange Club legacy from the days of co-founder and Publisher Amon G. Carter, born 140 years ago Wednesday.

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Since the turn of the 20th century, American newspapers have led charity campaigns to buy clothes and shoes for needy children in the community.

The need is greater than ever, and groups like the Exchange Club have increased their giving to help serve every Tarrant County child.

“This is an organization that’s doing good work and we;re all proud to help,” said executive Dan Feehan. He paid $5,000 for an autographed Dak Prescott helmet.

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Donated, signed, Cowboy items brought large amounts close to the end of the Exchange Club’s annual Christmas fund raiser luncheon for the Goodfellow Fund at the Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. They raised $300,325. (Special to the Star-Telegram Bob Booth) Bob Booth BOB BOOTH
Club members had already handed in checks before “chief extractor” George Young started auctioning off Cowboys memorabilia, singling out some deep pockets in the audience.

Inducting a new member, Young took the newbie’s wallet and emptied it of petty cash. He also took the good-natured liberty of adding zeroes to other members’ checks, or telling them how much they were going to give.

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When the first tally came out at only $175,000, Young said: “We need another $120,000, folks — I’m just going to be blunt.”

He collected that and more.

Young inducted new members Stephen Butt, a grocery executive; Cass Rodgers, an energy executive; and financial executive Marcus Snyder. (Other new members are Jeremiah Donati, the TCU athletic director, and Chris Gavras, a consultant.)

Stephen Jones was the latest in a recent tradition of guest speakers, including former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach and current Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

Jones said he’d never auctioned off a hog call before.

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“But I’m happy to call the hogs for anyone, anytime.” he said.

The club’s annual party used to be a members’ roast.

“But it today’s climate, that became more and more difficult,” said the club’s current president, Randy Rodgers, 67.

“Having a speaker is more interesting.”

Former TCU Chancellor William E. Tucker and the Exchange Clubs oldest member Paul Leonard share some views at the Exchange Club’s annual Christmas fund raiser luncheon for the Goodfellow Fund at the Fort Worth Club in Fort Worth, Texas, Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2019. They raised $300,325. (Special to the Star-Telegram Bob Booth) Bob Booth BOB BOOTH
Professional models Kari Ruth of Fort Worth and Lindsey Sanders of Dallas circulated through the meeting collecting checks.

The club’s senior member, Paul Leonard, 93, remembered when his family’s Leonards Department Store helped provide clothes and shoes for Goodfellow children. (Today the outfits come from Plano-based J.C. Penney.)

“I’ve been coming to these luncheons 50 years,” he said.

“We’ve always helped a lot of kids who needed shoes. The Goodfellows did a lot of good. It still does a lot of people a lot of good.”

Thanks to the Exchange Club.

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One former member of the Dallas Cowboys destroys them in an interview. Philadelphia Eagles fans will love this one.
Well, good old Jerry Jones is getting it on all sides now. Following three embarrassing losses, including two in primetime for the entire world to see, the Philadelphia Eagles rival, those darn Dallas Cowboys are the subject of a media firestorm, and you know what?

If you’re a ‘Birds’ fan, it’s actually kind of funny.

Denver Broncos make third straight appearance on
FanSided 250

Recently, Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall of fame inductee Troy Aikman made some blistering comments in his weekly appearance on Dallas sports radio station KTCK, better known as ‘The Ticket’.

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Aikman responded to al the talk that’s surrounded him possibly becoming the general manager of Jones’ floundering organization by saying ‘I doubt it’. As Terrell Owens would say, ‘Getcha popcorn ready’. You’re going to love this. Here’s more from one half of FOX’s top broadcasting team for NFL games.

I mean, I think that’s a real long shot. I believe that it’s unlikely that Jerry will ever bring somebody in that can help this football team in that regard just because he’s been real stubborn and steadfast in that he’s the one in charge. I think in a lot of ways, until that changes, this team’s going to have some problems.
Take that you so-called America’s Team! How does that feel? Troy Aikman doesn’t want to have anything to do with you as long as good old Jerry is in charge, and here’s the bad news. You can’t even get rid of him because he’s the boss.

NEXT: 5 Possible replacements for Jason Garrett
It’s time for the reality to set in. It’s going to be hard to keep finding good and smart people to work in the organization when you have an owner who wants all of the credit for things that he had nothing to do with but doesn’t want to take any of the blame when things that he’s actually doing wrong.

Stay tuned, whether you love the Cowboys or Eagles or the New York Giants or the Washington Redskins. The fun is just starting.

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