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Byron Jones Jersey

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FRISCO – A recent Sunday morning TV report about the contractual future of Dallas Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones sounded strikingly familiar to us … Because it’s the same exact news we broke nine months ago.

The “latest” comes from CBS Sports, which writes, “Sources said it looks increasingly likely (Jones) will be elsewhere in 2020.” This story – which also features a completely inaccurate “scoop” on how Dallas is likely to “lose Amari Cooper” – frankly continues a CBS trend of taking the original work of others and then tacking on its own claim of “additional sources” to steal credit for a story that isn’t really theirs, or, as it likely the case here, simply being ignorant regarding their “new story” actually being a regurgitation of someone else’s reporting.

So what did we write about the Cowboys and Byron Jones last March 13? And what has changed? First, the original reporting:

The Cowboys think Byron Jones “deserves all the credit” for his breakout season at cornerback in 2018. As a result, he deserves all the money, too.

But I do not believe that’s going to happen in Dallas.

“I want nothing other than playing for the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones told the media at the Pro Bowl, where he was a first-time participant. And it’s a remark that is classic Byron: He combines being smart and thoughtful with being an athletic badass, traits that especially paid off for last season when new defensive aide Kris Richard suggested the move from safety to corner for the former first-round pick.

The payoff was immediate, incredible and year-long. Jones proved to be among the NFL corners most difficult to score against, even to complete a pass against. In In 64 career games (entering 2019), Jones has only two interceptions, but that’s really a nitpick given all his positives.

So why won’t it be an automatic, as he enters the final year of his existing deal, for Dallas to pay him like the elite corner he’s proven to be?

Maybe part of it is some reservations, on some level, that he’s truly worthy of Josh Norman ($15 mil a year) or Patrick Peterson ($14 mil a year) money. But bigger than that, I think, is the “You Can’t Pay Everybody” philosophy that drives salary-cap-related decisions.

At the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met the DFW media on his bus and engaged in a fun parlor game of “Make Your List.” He wouldn’t offer his “priority list,” except to suggest to reporters that his list likely mirrors theirs/ours/yours.

The names on the Cowboys’ list include DeMarcus Lawrence, Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper. For a variety of reasons, those three are probably the priorities. Finding a way to do Ezekiel Elliott would figure to be next in the pecking order.

The Cowboys have talked publicly about re-signing Byron, possibly as early as this offseason. But if he knows he can be a $14 million APY guy if he repeats his 2018 season, why should be bow to anywhere near his present salary of $6.2 mil?

And if the Cowboys have to do Tank, Dak, Amari and Zeke, how can Byron possibly leap-from over them in importance?

When Richard said of Jones, “I think the sky is the limit for him,” he might very well be right about the talent and the performance. But when it comes to paying Byron Jones $15 million a year to stay in Dallas? I think the (financial) limit is somewhere south of the sky.

And now today … Dallas of course did sign Tank and Zeke and continues to pledge to sign Dak and Amari. They do not talk of Byron at the same level, because while they view him as a very good corner, there has not been 2019 justification to view him – for a team with available cap funds for 2020 ear-marked very specifically – as a priority.

Meanwhile, the cost of retaining Prescott and Cooper has risen. And that’s yet another reason that barring a Jones willingness to take less than market value to be a “Cowboy for Life,” my March report on him getting “squeezed” is mirrored exactly by what I’m reporting now.

Luke Gifford Jersey

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Dallas lost a valuable piece of linebacker depth Sunday.

Rookie reserve Luke Gifford fractured his left arm on special teams during the first quarter. He will miss the remainder of the season. Linebacker Joe Thomas and reserve cornerback C.J. Goodwin also sustained injuries, sources said.

Gifford signed with Dallas in April as an undrafted free agent from Nebraska.

He impressed this offseason, making the Cowboys’ 53-man roster out of training camp despite a high-ankle sprain sidelining him for the start of the season.

Thomas exited late in the first quarter. Initially, his issue was announced as a knee injury. The ailment, however, appears to be more in his thigh area. An MRI will be conducted Monday.

There is some optimism on Thomas, but nonetheless, seeing both him and Gifford exit was no less a blow for the Cowboys, who are already down Leighton Vander Esch. Vander Esch missed a fourth straight game to a neck injury.

Goodwin, a valuable flyer in special-teams coverage, fractured a thumb.

He will undergo further evaluation on Monday, and a plan will be made for how to proceed. There is a chance Goodwin could continue this season in a cast; such is possible for certain hand injuries. But it would be premature to forecast how exactly the Cowboys will proceed here until such determinations are made.

Demarcus Lawrence Jersey

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Demarcus Lawrence talks about identity and believes the Cowboys performance in recent weeks has been uncharacteristic of this defense.

He knows it’s been uncharacteristic of him.

“I’m testifying,” Lawrence said. “I’ll take ownership of those last couple of games.

“I haven’t been playing like myself. I haven’t been taking the leadership role I should be taking.

“It’s time for me to step up.”

Lawrence has come under criticism as the defense unravels along with the Cowboys season. It’s understandable. When you are the highest-paid player in franchise history, your performance is going to be judged against that standard.

What follows isn’t a screed about what Lawrence has failed to accomplish. Detractors will point to his modest total of five sacks as proof the defensive end isn’t doing his job.

That’s unfair. Lawrence is providing consistent pressure. He’s strong in the run game. His effort is high. He doesn’t take plays off.

Lawrence continues to play at a high level. A Pro Bowl level? No. But his performance hasn’t eroded to the level his sack total indicates.

That being said, it’s fair to point out that Lawrence isn’t having the impact he did the last two seasons when he totaled 25 sacks. He’s gone five games without a sack being credited solely to him.

There have been seven games this season where Lawrence has been shut out getting to the quarterback. He’s gone 19 consecutive regular-season games, a stretch that extends to Nov. 18, 2018, without collecting more than one sack in a game.

The Cowboys need their top players on both sides of the ball to make plays in the final three weeks of the regular season. Lawrence is their top defender. He’s not making enough plays.

That’s the essence of his declaration Monday after spending time with other teammates at Children’s Medical Center.

“Right now it’s really all about getting back to our identity and maintaining our focus on what’s really important to this game,” Lawrence said. “That’s playing fundamentally sound, team offense and defense. We really have to come together as a unit, come together as a group of men and really showcase our talents on the field.”

The Dallas defense has given up a total of 57 points and 738 yards in the last two games, allowing seven touchdowns and 46 first downs. Buffalo and Chicago combined to convert half of their third-down opportunities. The Cowboys held Philadelphia and the New York Giants to total of 28 points in back-to-back victories to end October and start November.

Four of five opponents since then have burned the defense for 26 or more points.

Head coach Jason Garrett believes the group is pressing too much to make big plays.

“I can see a lot of issues pertaining to what we’ve got to fix,” Lawrence said. “But it’s all insight, it’s all about us, it’s all about self-inflicted wounds.

“It’s small things like being out of your gap or being somewhere you’re not supposed to be. It’s all about honing in on the details and getting back to the speed of our defense.”

Uncharacteristic? Jaylon Smith uses another word to describe the defensive performance in recent weeks.

“It’s unacceptable,” the linebacker said. “It’s unacceptable.

“We know the type of defense we’ve been and we want to continue to be. But you have to go out and execute, you have to go out and get your job done by any means necessary.

“It comes down to execution. Men being men and making a decision to come together as one and succeed. That’s what we have to vow ourselves.”

Lawrence and Smith are the defensive captains. Yet it was newcomer Michael Bennett who spoke up in the aftermath of the Thanksgiving Day loss to Buffalo.

Neither Lawrence nor Smith spoke to the media in the days leading up to the game against Chicago. Smith was asked Monday how he views his role as captain. Is it one in which he needs to say more or do more?

“It’s a combination,” Smith replied. “Being able to balance the talk vs. play, lead by example vs. the vocal leadership. It comes over time. It’s growth.

“For us, we’re understanding and accepting our reality, but it’s about making a change.”

How do defensive players and coaches change course at this stage of the season?

“I think it’s in the preparation,” Smith said. “I think it’s in the honesty.

“I have faith.”

So does Lawrence. He clings to the belief that one win can change everything.

“Absolutely,” Lawrence said. “We still have high hopes for our team. We still believe we can make it all the way. That’s all you need in this world is a little bit of belief.

“So stay tuned.”

Catch David Moore on The Ticket (KTCK-AM 1310 and 96.7 FM) with The Musers at 9:35 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and with The Hardline at 4:15 p.m. every Tuesday and Friday during the season.

Kerry Hyder Jersey

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The Dallas Cowboys added quite a few pieces to their defensive front during the offseason. Veteran’s Kerry Hyder and Christian Covington were brought in to provide a steady rotation on the defensive line and to make life easier for All-Pro DeMarcus Lawrence.

The biggest acquisition came at the end of March when the Cowboys traded for Defensive End Robert Quinn, sending a sixth-round pick to the Miami Dolphins. A former All-Pro in his own right, Quinn was set to start opposite Lawrence at right defensive end and provide the Cowboys with one of the best pass-rushing duos in the league. Unfortunately, Quinn was suspended in August for violating the NFL’s PED policy. Also, he broke a bone in his hand around the same time, making his start in Dallas a shaky one.

When Quinn made his Cowboys debut in Week 3 vs his former team he wasted very little time making his presence felt. Not only did he register a sack but he was credited with seven quarterback pressures, which already gave him the team lead in that category. Pretty impressive for a guy with limited practice time prior to the season.

This would set the tone for his entire season and he hasn’t looked back. In the seven games since his Cowboys debut, Quinn has registered at least a half-sack in every game except Week 5 vs the Green Bay Packers, including two games with multiple sacks. What’s mind-blowing to me is that his 8.5 sacks for the season are almost a third of the Cowboys 26 sacks as a team.

Quinn’s speed and leverage coming off the edge is quite impressive. Trying to block him one on one is a recipe for disaster. In fact, if any team takes this approach they might as well make funeral arrangements for their quarterback.

The benefits of having Quinn are endless. The more pressure he gets coming off the right side the easier it will make Lawrence’s job coming off the left side due to less double teams. What this also does is free up Maliek Collins, Antwaun Woods, and Michael Bennett on the interior by putting them in more one on one situations.

The “Black Cobra” as he’s called in Dallas has been the best offseason acquisition the Cowboys have made in a while. He’s on pace for 15 sacks in 14 games which would be the second-most of his career (had 19 in 2013) and his first double-digit sack season since 2014 when he was a member of the Los Angeles Rams. He’s been best pass rusher all year for the Cowboys and a true gift from above for this defensive line unit.

Joe Looney Jersey

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The Dallas Cowboys just added a new member of the team that can compete with quarterback Dak Prescott for being best at playing catch. However, this new competitor has four legs instead of only two. The Cowboys have now added a puppy named Dak as an honorary team member, and he will be serving the role of a service dog in training.

Revealed on Wednesday by tackle Joe Looney, Dak is a young service dog that is training with Canine Companions. His future job will be serving the needs of a military veteran. In order to achieve this goal, Dak will be spending 18 months going through training.

First off, however, the puppy will be spending time with Looney and playing catch on the practice field. Socialization training will be on the horizon but carrying around a Mickey Mouse toy was more important when the video was created.

“All right, Dak, here we go man,” Looney said. “We’ve got a tough week this week, man. I’m gonna need everything from you. We are gonna come out here, we are gonna practice a little catch. I’m gonna need everything from you, we need you this week, bro.”

The Cowboys did not reveal whether or not Dak will be spending time in the team facility as opposed to the Baylor Scott & White Kinkeade Campus, but it is a possibility. Bringing service dogs to professional franchises is becoming more popular in recent months. The NHL, in particular, has 10 teams with service dogs in the building.

The Nashville Predators, Arizona Coyotes, Minnesota Wild, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals are all teams with dogs.

Back in early August, the Lightning introduced Bolt, a yellow lab that was joining to be a team ambassador. The puppy would be spending time with the NHL team prior to becoming a full-time service dog. Bolt joined the team by way of the Southeastern Guide Dogs and is scheduled to be a member of the Lightning for a full year.

Will young Dak remain with the Cowboys and usurp Prescott in his role as a catch specialist? The answer is unknown, but Looney would likely enjoy continued time with the young service dog in training.

Blake Jarwin Jersey

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It’s safe to say the 2019 season has not had many bright spots for the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas came into the season as a potential Super Bowl contender and now sits with a record of 6-7 entering Week 15. One player, though, has been a pleasant surprise in a rather disappointing season is tight end Blake Jarwin.

After Jason Witten retired in the 2018 offseason, Jarwin was tasked as one of the guys who would help replace his production in the offense. When starter Geoff Swaim went down in the middle of the year, Jarwin was given the starting spot for the rest of the season. In the last seven games of 2018, Jarwin hauled in 27 catches for 272 yards and three touchdowns (granted much of that occurred in the final game of the season).

The young tight end was taking advantage of the opportunities he was given, and looked like he could be a solid pair with another young tight end if Dallas took one in the 2019 NFL Draft. Those plans were foiled when Jason Witten came out of retirement and returned to the team.

The return of Witten saw the Cowboys go without drafting another tight end, and running back the same trio they had in 2018, just swapping Swaim for Witten.

The return of the veteran tight end has hindered Jarwin’s opportunity to get on the field. So far this season, Witten has played 76% of the Cowboys offensive snaps and caught 53 passes for 455 yards. This season, while playing just 37% of the team’s offensive snaps, Jarwin has caught 28 passes for 311 yards, an average of 11 yards per catch. Witten has a 5.6% drop rate while Jarwin has a 2.8% drop rate, Witten has a 2.6 YAC rate, Jarwin is at 4.4 (source:

NFL offenses are clearly trending away from the traditional tight end that Witten is at this point in his career. Look at the best players at the position in the league. They are all athletic and can make plays down the field, just like Blake Jarwin.

Last week against Chicago, Jarwin made some very nice catches on passes that were not in great spots.

Jason Witten is a sure fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. He will be inducted into Canton one day no doubt, but right now he is hurting the Cowboys’ offense more than he is helping it. When Jarwin is on the field, the Dallas’ offense is more spread out, giving their quarterback Dak Prescott the chance to use his mobility to make plays.

Numerous times this season we have seen Prescott and Jarwin hook up on plays that have broken down and force Dak to roll out of the pocket to make something happen. The Cowboys’ offense is at their best when they can use the athleticism they have at all positions to their advantage. When Witten is on the field, they just don’t have that at tight end.

Nothing is going right at the moment for the Dallas Cowboys, so why not try to make a change? Blake Jawrin has produced more than three-quarters of the yardage that Jason Witten has with 50% less targets. Get Jarwin on the field more and Witten on it less, the Dallas offense will be much better for it.

Dak Prescott Jersey

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Dak Prescott had a season-low 23 attempts, a season-low 15 completions and tied his season low with 212 yards in the victory over the Rams. The Cowboys didn’t need their quarterback to throw, rushing for 263 yards.

Because of that, not much was made of Prescott’s sprained left wrist and injured right index finger. He injured both in the Week 14 loss to the Bears but practiced in full every day last week.

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman, though, reported during the Fox broadcast Sunday that Prescott has a hairline fracture on the index finger.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett wouldn’t “get into the medical part of it” Monday when asked about it but seemed to confirm it when asked about playing with a hairline fracture.

“I’ve never had a hairline fracture in my finger to throw,” Garrett said. “I think a lot of quarterbacks have had jammed fingers, and they’ve dealt with different things. It’s hard obviously. Having the ball in your hand and feeling good is a big part of throwing the ball well. But Dak’s a tough guy. Dak’s a physically tough guy. He’s a mentally tough guy. So whatever he’s dealing with, he doesn’t let a lot of people know about it. He goes out and does his job and he was able to do that again yesterday.”

Prescott began the game with tape on the tip of his finger but removed it in the first quarter.

Garrett said the injury did not affect Prescott.

“He works through it, and he does what he needs to do,” Garrett said.

Garrett said linebacker Luke Gifford has a fractured arm; cornerback C.J. Goodwin will need surgery on his thumb; and linebacker Joe Thomas‘ knee injury is day to day.

UPDATE 6:46 P.M. ET: Calvin Watkins of the Dallas Morning News cited a source who said Prescott does not have a fractured finger. The tip of Prescott’s finger got smashed severely, and he experienced bleeding underneath the skin at the tip of his finger.

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Despite starting the season 8-0, the 49ers now find themselves in second place in the NFC West behind their archrival, the Seattle Seahawks.

The two teams had an epic battle on Monday Night Football in Week 10, where quarterback Russell Wilson and company handed San Francisco its first loss of the season.

The 49ers still have a chance to secure the division title, as a rematch looms in Week 17 in Seattle.

NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders was asked which team he’d rather take in the NFC, and “Prime Time” himself still is riding with the 49ers.

“I like the 49ers because of their defense,” Sanders said. “Their defense is one of the best in the NFL, and you can travel anywhere with a defense of that sort.”

Sanders — who won NFL Defensive Player of the Year for the 49ers in 1994 while leading San Francisco to a Super Bowl victory the same season — also took an opportunity to tell everyone to pump the brakes on the Seahawks.

“I don’t like Seattle because I don’t like them defensively,” Sanders said. “I like them as a team, but I don’t like them to go the distance, meaning to the Super Bowl.

“Russell [Wilson] is bailing them out. They have a phenomenal offense, but defensively they’re lackluster.”

Looking ahead to Week 17, the 49ers historically have had trouble winning at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, as the vaunted “12th Man” creates a raucous atmosphere for opponents. San Francisco has not won in Seattle since 2011.

[RELATED: Wide receivers don't produce in 49ers' loss to Falcons]

The Hall of Fame defensive back isn’t worried about the noise affecting San Francisco come Dec. 29.

“We get hyped up from the fans, the 12, ain’t nobody playing in the NFL care about no 12,” Sanders explained. “I have never seen a player walk off the field and say, ‘You know what man, that darn crowd really made a difference in the outcome of this game.’”

Too Tall Jones Jersey

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Orange Bowl Selection Committee member Wayne Schuchts can still sling it.

University of Virginia fans who were at John Paul Jones Arena for the Cavalier men’s basketball team’s game against the University of North Carolina on Dec. 8 can attest to this.

In Charlottesville to formally invite the UVA football team to his hometown of Miami for the Orange Bowl on Dec. 30, the former Cavalier quarterback – clad in an orange sport coat – launched several T-shirts into the stands, including one toss that made it into the upper deck.

“I had it for one throw,” the 58-year-old Schuchts said, laughing. “I don’t think I could have done it a second time.

“With it being [posted] on Twitter, I’ve heard from so many people. It’s been very fun.”

Schuchts played for two years at Colgate University before transferring to UVA in 1982, where he went on to establish a single-season record for passing yards (since eclipsed) and led the program to just its third winning season in 31 years. In his two seasons, he threw for 3,124 yards and 27 touchdowns, and triggered the second-longest passing play in Cavalier history, 93 yards to Nick Merrick against Wake Forest in 1982.

“I loved being a student-athlete at UVA,” Schuchts said.

Schuchts went on to sign a free-agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys. In training camp, he was beaten out by Steve Pelluer for the third-string job behind Danny White and Gary Hogeboom.

Subsequently, Schuchts had brief stints with the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins before joining his family’s Florida-based real estate business.

Schuchts and his wife, Tara, have a daughter, Brooke, 19, and a son, Jameson, 17.

He said being back at UVA to formally invite the Hoos to the Orange Bowl – 35 years after he played – was “surreal and awesome.”

UVA Today caught up with Schuchts in the days leading up to the Orange Bowl.

Q. Your 1983 team laid the groundwork for the success that UVA went on to have in the 1980s and 1990s, starting with their first-ever bowl appearance the next year in 1984. Do you take a lot of pride in that?

A. Yeah, I do. It all started with George Welsh. In the first practice we had, he led everyone into a huddle and used some [strong language] and said, “Those of you guys who want to play, come out tomorrow, and the rest of you just stay in.” Everyone looked around like, “Is this guy for real?”

And he was. That next day started the George Welsh era. That was the culture that George set.

I think there’s a real parallel with what Bronco’s doing. Just hearing Bronco talk – he talks about “becoming,” “evolving,” “culture.” George talked about those things. I think their focus and intensity are similar. I think they see the bigger picture with the University of Virginia that kids really are student-athletes, but that you can compete at the highest level.

Q. As a senior, you led the Cavaliers to a 6-5 record. Today, that would be good enough to go to a bowl, but back then there weren’t nearly as many games. Does that still sting? Especially since the team had gotten off to a 4-0 start that year?

A. On one hand, it does. I think that most athletes who try and compete at a high level are never entirely satisfied with what they did or accomplished. That’s certainly true with me. I wish I was a better quarterback and we had helped the school win more games.

But on the other hand, I’m just grateful to have had the opportunity to play and been a student-athlete at Virginia.

Q. Does one game stick out from your UVA career?

A. The North Carolina win in 1983 when North Carolina was ranked [19th]. The part I remember was the fans coming down on the field. That was a pretty cool experience as a player. The win was a great one for the program and gave us a winning season. It was important to turn that corner.

Q. What did you study at UVA?

A. I was a psychology major, which I use very much to this day. I remember a couple of professors, one of whom was [sports psychologist] Bob Rotella. So much of the visualization and self-talk things started with Bob’s teachings.

Q. You were roommates at UVA with basketball star and current NBA head coach Rick Carlisle. How did a basketball player and football player wind up living together?

A. We transferred in the same year, played pick-up basketball together and just became good buddies. We both kind of had a focus and intensity while playing our sport, but kind of both liked to have fun and get away from it when we weren’t. That lined up great. He had perspectives into my sport and I had some into his that made it fun.

Q. You guys still keep in touch?

A. Oh yeah. His one NBA championship [with the Dallas Mavericks] came in Miami [against the Miami Heat]. We were there and, in fact, I have a ring from the championship. I will tell you that there are kind of levels of rings, right. I’m pretty sure I’m near the bottom [laughing].

Q. You signed a free-agent contract with the Dallas Cowboys after graduating from UVA. Tom Landry was still the Dallas Cowboys coach, and you had so many star players and big personalities. I’m guessing you have some great stories from your “America’s Team” days?

A. It was bigger than life to be with the Cowboys.

One experience I remember is when you were a rookie you had to get up and sing your song. [Ed] “Too Tall” Jones, who was a monster, gets up and with his sternest face says, “You rookies will be carrying our equipment every day for the next two weeks.” Boom. He drops the mic and you’re like, “Oh man.” You don’t mess with Too Tall Jones.

Later, when I was with the [Miami] Dolphins, I got to play under Don Shula. So I got to learn from Landry and Shula, two guys who were just great leaders and great men.

Q. What’s it been like being on the Orange Bowl committee?

A. It’s been fun because the Orange Bowl is all about giving back to the community, and that’s a real passion. It’s fun because it’s high-quality people. And it’s fun because it’s tied into a sport.

But we do a lot of work. The committee members really give a lot of time and effort to try and positively impact the community.

The whole experience for the fans is going to be great. I hope people from Charlottesville can come down.

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The USDA has outlined provisions to approve domestic hemp production, and sets requirements for its producers. Those requirements include licensing, maintaining information on the land where hemp is grown, complying with procedures and provisions, testing updated THC amounts, and handling policy violations.

The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill directed the USDA to establish a national regulatory framework for domestic hemp production. The commodity is used in fabric, paper, construction materials, food products, cosmetics and the production of cannabidiol or CBD. Prices for hemp, driven primarily by demand for use in CBD production, have motivated increased planting. Industrial hemp is already produced in Virginia, with 1,142 registered growers and 2,244 acres planted, according to Tony Banks, senior assistant director of agriculture, development and innovation for Virginia Farm Bureau Federation.

While provisions require hemp farmers to report planted acreage, the new rule also makes hemp eligible for federal crop insurance, USDA loans and numerous conservation programs.

“A tremendous amount of agronomic research must be pursued to determine the best methods for producing industrial hemp for whatever intended purpose— fiber, grain or oil,” Banks said. “We need to look at the varieties that are currently available to see which ones produce the best for given end-use in Virginia.”

The farm bill removed hemp from the list of controlled substances. THC, the intoxicating component of cannabis, must be concentrated at or below .3% for a crop to be legally classified as hemp, and not marijuana—a Schedule 1 controlled substance.

THC concentration can vary greatly depending on when a crop is tested, and Virginia farmers have expressed concerns that the USDA’s new testing protocol is too stringent.

“The rule will standardize THC testing procedures, which should help growers in the market by taking out some of the ambiguity,” Banks said. “The older the plant gets, the higher the THC concentration. Part of the protocol says plants must be sampled within 15 days of harvest.”

Public comment on the rule is welcome at through Dec. 30. After reviewing and evaluating the comments, the USDA will adjust, draft and publish a final rule.