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Tyron Smith Jersey

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ARLINGTON, Texas — Ezekiel Elliott was fired up. Hollering at the top of his lungs as he ran to the locker room, after the Dallas Cowboys 44-21 win over the Los Angeles Rams.

And he had good reason — the Cowboys may have just found something.

This week, head coach Jason Garrett showed the team clips of their own success.

“He was just giving us a reminder of who we are,” Elliott said.

Well, the reminder worked. A dominant run game returned for Dallas, and it was on full display on a 14-play, 97-yard touchdown drive in the 2nd quarter to go in front 21-7.

“The big fellas, man,” Elliott said. “The big fellas. They were feeling it. They were moving ‘em off the ball, and just having their way.”

Of the 14 plays, 11 were runs. And the Cowboys averaged 4.7 yards per carry on the drive.

“It just came down to us running the ball,” left tackle Tyron Smith said. “That’s what we’re built for.”

An identity found? Re-established? Affirmed?

“I think the identity has always been there, it’s just for us, you know, doing it as a team, knowing what we’ve gotta get done,” Smith said.

“You know, the o-line, I don’t know what they ate for breakfast, but they did a hell of a job, and made it easy on us backs,” Elliott said.

“I would say that’s our best game,” Tony Pollard said, “all around, best all around game this year.”

Oh yeah — don’t forget Pollard. The rookie back was huge. The perfect compliment to Elliott, ripping off 131 yards of his own.

“Couple of his runs, I think he was stopped in the backfield, and he broke a bunch of tackles and ran for extra yards,” Elliott said. “I mean, he had a hell of a day, man. I’m happy for him.”

Perhaps most importantly, the Cowboys are saying things like this again… and believing themselves when they say it:

“When we go out and handle our business, when we go out there and execute,” Elliott said, “we’re hard to stop.”

Whatever identity may have been found by the Cowboys today, there is still one obvious, lingering question, after just the latest example, in a season’s worth of mercurial football.

Who is this team?

And if you’re sitting there telling me you know, you’re full of it… because they’re not sure themselves.

“You want to believe that the team that played today is who this team is,” tight end Jason Witten said. “You’ve got to build on it, but that same self-evaluation is what you have to do after wins that you do after losses. And I think that’s what this team will do. As you grind through a funk, you hope that a game like this can help propel you to where you want to be.”

They may be out of the funk… but they’re still yet to be fixed. They can do a little more to prove they are, though, if they can beat Philly next week and clinch the division.

Brandon Knight Jersey

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It’s extremely difficult to shake a reputation. When I think of this statement, a hilariously sad image of former NBA player Brandon Knight comes to mind (or at least I thought he was out of the league; it turns out that he’s managed to hang on to a roster spot with the Cleveland Cavaliers). In the early part of his career, the former 8th pick in the 2011 NBA draft proved to be a clearly talented point guard, showcasing tantalizing potential as a three-level scorer and playmaker. His best statistical season came during his third year in the league when he averaged 17.9 points and 4.9 assists per game.

Yet there’s a reason why more casual NBA fans may not even know who he is and why people like me may have forgotten that he’s even in the league. To put it bluntly, he’s the NBA-equivalent of a cartoon character, whose comically absurd misfortunes can only seem to exist because of a cruel and unmerciful basketball god. Whether it was being dunked so hard into the earth by DeAndre Jordan that he may have killed the ghosts of the dinosaurs or missing a point-blank wide-open layup that would have given his team the win, he appears to be the unluckiest player in NBA history.

Unfortunately for him, that reputation has come to define his NBA career far more than his impressive talent ever has. And he has played on six teams in seven years as a result.

Whether it’s deserved or not, a poor reputation can significantly harm your career, whether that is in the NBA or the world as a whole. And for a time shortly after the Memphis Grizzlies traded for him, it appeared that Grayson Allen’s poor reputation may end his NBA career before it even really began.

Of course, Allen’s history as a, ahem, tenacious competitor is well-documented from his time at Duke to his scuffle with Grant Williams in summer league over five months ago, and there’s no real need to keep rehashing it.

Yet there was a point shortly after that particular scuffle in which many, including myself, wondered if Allen would ever be cut out to be an NBA player, mainly because of his red-hot temper and lack of self-control. That’s not even to mention the fact that his performance as a rookie was relatively lackluster, as he shot a poor 37% from the field and a meager 32% from three.

However, the Memphis Grizzlies front office never openly wavered in their support of Grayson Allen, and it has finally begun to pay dividends this year.

To be sure, Allen clearly struggled to start this year as he struggled to acclimate to a new roster and new system. His shots were not falling from any area on the court, and his minutes were inconsistent night-to-night. He only averaged 4.3 points per game while shooting 27% from the field and 22% from three while only playing 13.3 minutes in the month of November. Missing ten games because of a right ankle sprain certainly did not help matters for him.

But with increased opportunity, Allen has started to look more and more like the player that many thought he could be coming out of Duke. Over his last five games, he has seen his minutes increase to just under 24 per game. During that span, he has averaged 11.8 PPG while shooting a superb 59% from the field and 52% from three on 3.4 attempts per game from beyond the arc. His confidence in all facets of the game is on an entirely different level right now.

His impact also goes beyond just the box score. Even when his shots aren’t falling, he finds different ways to impact the game. He’s an effective driver of the basketball and can get to the rim with relative ease, creating opportunities for shooters when the defense begins to collapse. As a result, he’s second on the team in secondary assists, even though his normal assists numbers are relatively mediocre. He’s also a capable and willing defender who ranks in the 83rd percentile for pick-and-roll defense.

Perhaps most importantly of all, he has not had any incidents where anyone could question his self-control or his sportsmanship. By all accounts, he has been a model of professionalism and a great teammate for a young roster that needs as many role models and high-character players as it can get.

Now, like I said last week, a short stretch of solid performances from a young prospect doesn’t necessarily mean that much in the grand scheme of things. From Andrew Harrison to Wayne Selden, the Grizzlies have had many young players in recent years that played well for short stretches of time only to make like what I thought was Brandon Knight and flame out of the league in a year or two.

However, Grayson Allen has still shown so far this year that your reputation does not have to define you, no matter how toxic or negative it might be. He has blocked out all of the external noise and has been an asset for the Memphis Grizzlies not only as a growing and improving player that could be a part of their long-term core, but also simply as a person.

The Memphis Grizzlies believe in Grayson Allen. And I think the time has come where we do so as well.

Travis Frederick Jersey

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For Dallas Cowboys center Travis Frederick in 2017, not being on the field was a completely foreign concept to him. During his final two seasons at Wisconsin, and through his first five with the Dallas Cowboys, he played in 112 straight games at a very high level, making his fourth straight Pro Bowl after the completion of the 2017 NFL Season.

Everything began to change, though, as Frederick entered training camp in 2018. He began feeling tingling in his toes and numbness in his toes and back, which he originally attributed to a potential lower back injury, which often occurs due to the nature of his position on the offensive line. But when he started having trouble gripping a football in his hands, a vital skill for a center, his concern was heightened that his issue was a potential neck injury or something that could be more severe than initially anticipated.

The next few weeks were a whirlwind for Frederick, seeing specialists all over the country, who couldn’t identify what exactly was causing his body to act the way it was. The eventual diagnosis was a rare syndrome called Guillain-Barre, a rapidly on-setting weakness of the muscles brought on by one’s immune and nervous systems.

“I had never heard of [GBS]. Neither did most people, not even the doctors,” Frederick told Yahoo earlier this year. “The neurosurgeon had only seen it twice. He is one of the top neurosurgeons in the country. When you have something that rare, that’s when you know there is something going on. That is why it took a little bit for the diagnosis. It’s hard. There are a lot of things it could have been leading up to it. I give a lot of credit to our training staff. They kept on it. They kept trying to figure something out.”

In short, the body begins to attack itself and strips off the insulation on one’s nervous system which prevents the body from getting the connections it needs to function in a day-to-day setting – let alone on a football field.

For Frederick, it has been a long process, which included him missing the entire 2018 NFL season, but also left him in a perpetual state of uncertainty in a football life that is consistently dictated by routine and a clear plan for what the next day would bring. With Guillain-Barre, that routine was turned on its head as there was suddenly no diet that could improve his condition and no specialized treatments one can receive. After considerable research and medical consultations, Frederick came to the realization that the only real way to get back to 100% again was to get as much sleep as he could.

This solution led to Frederick’s contact with Sleep Number in a collaborative effort to partner and find a way to get optimize his sleep and aid in his recovery process so he could get back on the field as soon as possible. Frederick used the company’s patented “SleepIQ” system to find a sleep setting that matched his body and personal preferences. This includes automatic adjustments to a sleeper’s position, as they sleep,to optimize patterns, and snoring detection to help the sleeper adjust the bed to get out of a sub-optimal sleep position. The bed can also elevate your head and also over time determine how one sleeps best, based on heart rate and breathing patterns during sleep as well as how much tossing and turning goes on throughout the sleep cycle.

“The Sleep Number system really helped me throughout my recovery in getting optimal sleep”, Frederick told me. “Utilizing the bed’s zero-gravity position as well allowing me to customize sleep based off of what I do while I’m sleeping was a great aid in helping me recover and get back on the field this season.”

As the 2018 season ended and Travis began his preparations for the current season, there were no guarantees that he would be able to return to his previous form. He ran through numerous workouts, back-testing his strength and beginning to participate with no pads in off-season drills. As the off-season progressed, Frederick was still not clear, even in late April, as the team’s plans for the season start to clarify, after the NFL Draft. His role on the offensive line also made the decision to return to the field a lot different than for any other professional athlete. The reduction of even a split second slower reaction time or not being physically at full strength could have a very adverse effect on the quarterback he is tasked with protecting.

“Throughout this process, thinking about my position on the field affects others was a major factor in my rehab and figuring out when I could be cleared to return to the field”, Frederick told me. “Me not being 100% could have an enormous effect on others on the field and I really needed to make sure I was ready and play at the level I had been used to playing at throughout my career.”

As the NFL regular season is winding down, this unfortunate chapter in Frederick’s life has been able to find a smooth resolution. He has played in all 13 games for the Dallas Cowboys this season, as the team looks to return to the postseason this year, after making it to the Divisional Round last season. While the ordeal was a very difficult one, Frederick noted that it has made him a better player, after being able to observe the game for a prolonged period of time, and better understand the positive effects sleep can have for a professional athlete when utilized in training.

Michael Gallup Jersey

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DETROIT – Michael Gallup had family on his mind Sunday.

It’s been a year since Gallup learned of his brother Andrew’s passing just moments after the Cowboys played in Atlanta last November.

Sunday, honoring his brother, the second-year wide receiver delivered a career-high nine catches for 148 yards in the Cowboys’ 35-27 victory over the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

“Obviously it’s going to be tough around this time every year,” Gallup said afterward. “His birthday was Nov. 10, so it’s always a hard one.

“But to go out here and have fun and do what I love – he knows that I’ve always loved this game, and he was up there watching me. So it’s a good feeling to be able to do that for him and have the family watch as well.”

The Cowboys’ top-ranked offense needed Gallup’s production, particularly after falling behind 7-0 early. Lead receiver Amari Cooper, battling through a knee contusion the last two weeks, had three catches for 38 yards and appeared to have his snaps managed at points in the game.

Gallup’s back-to-back catches of 12 and 14 yards set up a first-quarter field goal that got Dallas on the scoreboard. Then, late in the second quarter, he made a leaping 41-yard catch over Lions cornerback Mike Ford – despite defensive pass interference penalty – to put the offense inside Detroit’s 10-yard line.

Ezekiel Elliott scored on a 1-yard touchdown run two plays later to give Dallas a 17-14 lead. They never trailed again.

“I wasn’t supposed to run that route. I kind of messed myself up,” Gallup said. “That’s really why I had to catch the ball because I messed it up. I’d just seen him throw it up in the air, and he was behind me so I had to fight through him.”

Last year, Gallup played on Thanksgiving just four days after learning of his brother’s passing. He received the game ball after that victory.

Football, he said Sunday, “helps me fill that void.”

“I go out there and do what I do, and he definitely sees it.”

Said quarterback Dak Prescott: “Proud of him. I know his brother’s proud of him. When you’re a ball player, being able to go out there on that field and be at peace, it just allows you to be who you are. And that’s what Michael Gallup did tonight.”

Amari Cooper Jersey

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Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey is known for trash-talking his opponents, but he had nothing but praise for his upcoming matchup with Amari Cooper.

Ramsey will likely spend most of his time covering Cooper during Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, which made him remember the last time the two played during Ramsey’s rookie year in 2016. Cooper, who was with the Oakland Raiders at the time, had just one catch for four yards when guarded by Ramsey, playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but the 2016 battle was much different than the box score.

“He was eating me up all game long,” Ramsey acknowledged.

The “underrated” label could fit, as Cooper arguably doesn’t get the amount of respect that his numbers deserve. He ranks fifth in the NFL with 1,054 receiving yards, while his eight touchdowns rank tied for fourth.

He has three Pro Bowl selections in his first four years, and he has been even more productive in 2019 with career highs of 5.4 receptions and 81.1 yards per game.

Despite these numbers, Cooper is rarely listed as one of the top receivers in the game.

Of course, he will have his hands full Sunday with Ramsey, who has shadowed Julio Jones, Allen Robinson II and JuJu Smith-Schuster, among others, since being acquired by the Rams, per ESPN.

The battle between them could be one of the most important storylines in a matchup of two teams looking to stay in the playoff race in the NFC.

Jamize Olawale Jersey

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During the 2019 offseason, Dallas surprised many by re-signing free agent fullback Jamize Olawale to a three-year contract. He was barely used in 2018, but the switch to Kellen Moore as offensive coordinator led to speculation that the fullback may be more utilized this year. That has not been the case; Olawale is still a non-factor and it makes you wonder why the Cowboys even bothered bringing him back.

Olawale’s contract has him as the fourth-highest paid fullback in the NFL currently. So far in 2019 he’s only appeared on 11% of Dallas’ offensive snaps, has no carries, and has only been targeted twice in the passing game with no receptions.

Granted, fullbacks aren’t a big part of any offense in modern football. Even Kyle Juszczyk, who is paid a little over $5 million per year by the 49ers, appears on just 34% of his team’s offensive plays.

But if all Dallas wanted was a rarely-used lead blocker and special teams player, why did they give Olawale $1.8 million per season? They could have found someone to fill those roles for a third of the price.

Jamize’s presence on the roster, which is often forgotten, came back into the spotlight last Thursday when he was targeted on a third-down pass by Dak Prescott. Olawale was open but wasn’t even looking for the ball, clearly not understanding the play, and it led to one of the many failed conversions that caused Dallas to lose to the Chicago Bears.

Dallas sent the Oakland Raiders a fifth-round pick in 2018 to add Jamize Olawale. They had just lost Keith Smith to Oakland in free agency and were familiar with Olawale from a previous stint with the Cowboys.

But last year Olawale only appeared on a little over 10% of the team’s offensive snaps. He was only targeted four times in the passing game; about the same usage rate as this season.

Jamize has some proven receiving and rushing talent from his days in Oakland, yet the Cowboys have been unwilling or unable to find a way to use him more on offense. Why they traded for him last year, and re-signed him last March, remain baffling given this lack of use.

It’s yet another example of how the Dallas Cowboys’ ownership, management, and coaching appear to not always be on the same page.

Cooper Rush Jersey

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ARLINGTON — Antwaun Woods started it.

He pushed and powered his way through an inside-zone run on the game’s first carry, plowing past two Los Angeles Rams offensive linemen to drop running back Todd Gurley for a 3-yard loss. Woods then met Gurley on three of his next five carries, too, in the nose tackle’s return from an MCL sprain.

Clearly, Woods is back.

The Cowboys may be, too.

There was no mystery Sunday as to where Dallas dominated in a performance consistent with what many in the organization believed they were all along. They flattened the Rams at the line of scrimmage, stifling a running game riddled with deception and blasting through a vaunted defensive line in a rumbling 44-21 win at AT&T Stadium.

Said one defensive lineman when walking to the locker room afterward: “Philly, here we come.”

For all their miscues and mishaps, for all their languishing letdowns, the 7-7 Cowboys can clinch the NFC East next Sunday with a win over the Eagles in Philadelphia. Every game is different. But the thumping fashion in which the team’s first win of the season against a team with a winning record came only breathes optimism into what may happen next.

This was emphatic.

This was a statement.

“This is what we should have been,” right tackle La’el Collins said. “But right now, this is just what we are. We’re going to use this to keep stepping and keep moving forward in the right direction. … We know what kind of team we are. We’ve just got to go out there and be us. One play at time. One day at a time. One game at a time.”

On this day, Gurley was held to 20 yards on 11 carries. Meanwhile, Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott took 24 carries for 117 yards and two touchdowns. Rookie Tony Pollard had 12 rushes for 131 yards, including a 44-yard touchdown. In all, Dallas outgained Los Angeles 263-22 in the running game.

The final score was misleading.

Dallas led 37-7 before garbage time. Backup quarterback Cooper Rush made an appearance in the fourth quarter. The Cowboys would have taken this performance against anyone; they needed to snap a three-game losing streak against whomever that came.

But that it was the Rams, of course, was poetic. This same franchise outgained the Cowboys 273-50 on the ground in a January playoff loss. On Sunday, the roles reversed at a time of year when they needed to most.

Beginning in the first quarter, Cowboys compiled five straight scoring drives. The first four were for touchdowns. Two of those drives spanned at least 90 yards. One was a 14-play, 97-yard drive during which Dallas ran it 11 times.

“Physical. Physical,” owner Jerry Jones said. “I know firsthand from knowing what their goals were for practice this week, especially in the fronts but really the offensive line. Their theme this week was physical, be physical. And boy, they were physical. They played up against a really fine defensive line, and I think that set the tone.”

Linebacker Sean Lee joked that he was little unnerved during the game.

Woods, he said, took all of his tackles.

The run-stopping defensive lineman missed the previous two games to a knee injury. He stepped in with his most disruptive performance of the season, arguably affecting the game more than Aaron Donald even on the opposite side.

“Glad to have him back,” defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence said. “He’s free. He’s ready to rock.”

And now, it’s all laid out for Dallas.

Enjoy the win. Get back to work. Despite two separate three-game losing streaks this season, the Cowboys will be assured a playoff berth with a win on Sunday, courtesy of a dismal division. The Rams aren’t so lucky. They are 8-6 but three games back of the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers in the NFC West.

“We’re lucky to have this opportunity,” said Lee, who recorded an interception and sack. “A lot of teams with our record don’t, and we need to take advantage of this situation.”

Sunday was a start.

Chuck Howley Jersey

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The Super Bowl is the biggest spectacle in sports, from the pre-game hype to the parties to the annual traditions that fans have around it to the halftime show to, well, the game itself.

But how many facts do you know about the NFL’s annual AFC vs. NFC championship game? You might have some of these already at your fingertips. But others? These will be perfect to drop at your next Super Bowl party — that is, if you have time between eating, watching the game and commenting on the commercials.

Here are 13 fun Super Bowl facts we came up with:
1. Why it’s called the “Super Bowl”

The timing of when the AFC-NFC title game got its name is slightly disputed, but the legend is Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt coined it based off the “super ball” toy his daughter and son played with.
2. A total of 12 teams have never won a Super Bowl

That list includes: the Browns, Lions, Jaguars, Texans, Chagers, Titans, Cardinals, Panthers, Falcons, Bengals, Bills and Vikings. Of that group, the Browns, Lions, Jaguars and Texans have never made it to the big game in their existence.
3. There’s only one starting quarterback who has won a Super Bowl title with two different teams

And his name is Peyton Manning.

4. Only one man has been named MVP for the losing team

And his name is Chuck Howley. The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl V, but Howley (two interceptions) was voted most valuable player.
5. The game has gone to overtime once

That was Super Bowl LI, better known as the championship game in which the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to the Patriots.
6. The AFC team and NFC team take turns being the home team

Also, if you didn’t know there was a designated home and away team despite the fact that it’s played at a neutral site, now you do.
7. The Patriots have appeared in the most Super Bowls

That would 11 as of the 2019 season, three more than the Steelers, Cowboys and Broncos.
8. The Patriots and Broncos have lost the most Super Bowls

As of 2019, they both have five losses under their belts.
9. There’s a good reason why the NFL uses Roman numerals to refer to the Super Bowl


“Lamar Hunt is also credited for introducing Roman numerals to keep track of the championship title bowls…. Super Bowl V was the first such bowl to be numbered using this system. An excerpt from the NFL media guide explains further:

The Roman numerals were adopted to clarify any confusion that may occur because the NFL Championship Game—the Super Bowl—is played in the year following a chronologically recorded season. Numerals I through IV were added later for the first four Super Bowls.”

10. But Super Bowl 50 used numbers and not an “L”
11. Super Bowl LIII was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in the game’s history

The Patriots beat the Rams 13-3.
12. The game has been played in 10 different states

That would be Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey and Texas.
13. The Vince Lombardi Trophy is a football “mounted in a kicking position”

That’s according to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which tells this great story about then-NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle reaching out to Tiffany and Co. to make the trophy:

The only company he contacted was Tiffany, which brought in the company’s design chief, Oscar Riedener, a native of Switzerland who knew nothing about football. Reidener went to FAO Schwartz and bought a football that he put on his kitchen table. The next morning he grabbed a box of Cornflakes, poured them into a bowl, and stared at the football while eating.

Upon finishing his Cornflakes, he took a pair of scissors, started cutting the empty box, and transformed it into a trophy base atop which the football could sit.

Bill Bates Jersey

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The Dallas Cowboys used a commanding 28-7 lead at the half against the Los Angeles Rams and never looked back, coming out with a 44-21 win and snapped a three-game losing streak.

Maybe more importantly though, the Cowboys (7-7) looked, felt and played a lot better than the same team that lost four of their last five matchups.
The win sets up NFC East title implications next week at Philadelphia, where the Cowboys and Eagles will clash for the division title. Both teams are tied for first place in the division after Philadelphia outlasted Washington on Sunday (37-27).
The Dak & Zeke Show

Dallas showed a balanced approach throughout the game and picked apart the struggling Rams defense at AT&T Stadium.
Quarterback Dak Prescott did a nice job running the offense for the Cowboys and managing long-sustaining drives. He completed 15-of-23 passes for 212 yards and threw a pair of touchdown passes. He also helped Dallas control time of possession heavily over Los Angeles (36:06-23:54).
Running back Ezekiel Elliot carried the ball 24 times for 117 yards and two touchdowns. The Rams simply couldn’t stop him.
Oh and how about rookie tailback Tony Pollard? He finished the game leading the Cowboys with 12 carries for 131 rushing yards.
Rams offense fell behind, couldn’t catch up
Sunday was another struggling game for the Rams offense and the run game.
Los Angeles couldn’t get any sort of production on the ground from tailback Todd Gurley II. The Cowboys stifling defense held him to just 20 rushing yards and shut him down.
As for quarterback Jared Goff, he couldn’t get going either. Goff threw a costly interception in the first half and was sacked twice in the game.
The experience
600 ESPN El Paso, 915 Tours and Cowboys Packages teamed up to take SportsTalk on the road for a panel discussion and to document the experience out in Dallas.
And boy, what a trip.
Our tour bus left El Paso Friday night, giving us ample time to rest up and get excited for the weekend.

The Bill Bates tailgate kick-started our day on Sunday, featuring unlimited BBQ and drinks at a massive party setup outside AT&T Stadium. Because of the number of people and the size of the party, the tailgate was something I’ve never seen before.

The trip featured so many activities that you almost forgot about the game itself! Thanks to the team, I was upgraded to field-view seats and got to witness the game up close like never before.

There are still opportunities to watch a game with 915 Tours and Cowboys Packages, when they finish the season at home against the Redskins on Dec. 29.

Walt Garrison Jersey

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Returning to north Texas was a homecoming of sorts for me, and while driving to meet some extended family for dinner on Thursday evening I happened to pass a Ford dealership. No big deal, I pass one every day back at home, but this was not any ordinary Ford dealer, this was Bill Utter Ford. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Ordinarily nothing, but if you grew up in the area, then you might remember that Bill Utter’s long times spokesman is none other than Walt Garrison, one of the biggest charterers to ever play for the Cowboys.

Walt, like more famous night-crawling companion and former teammate Don Meredith, is a north Texas original. He was born in Denton and raised in nearby Lewisville. With his upbringing in a area that was much more rural than it is today, Garrison was destined to become a cowboy with a lower cased ‘c’. His first love has always been the rodeo. His raw athletic talent and toughness also allowed Walt to become a Cowboy twice over. Before joining Tom Landry’s club, Walt has played his collegiate football as an Oklahoma State Cowboys linebacker and fullback.

Away from the game, Garrison spent his off-seasons competing on the professional rodeo circuit. As a boy he dreamed of qualifying for the National Finals Rodeo and Walt continued to pursue his passion for his first love throughout his football career. It was an injury suffered during an exhibition steer wrestling event at the college rodeo national championship that brought his football career to an end. Walt has often stated that he never had a single regret over the incident, even though the blown knee that he suffered took him out of the national football league.

Garrison’s engaging personality and cowboy charm, at least as much as his football and rodeo skills, are responsible for his success after leaving the big stage. He is a story teller extraordinaire. You cannot spend time around Walt and not enjoy yourself, his own love of life is infectious. Former teammates, when they think of Walt, always tell of his impact on the team, not just on the field but away from the game as well. Walt Garrison is a talker.

“He’d have a whole new bunch of cowboy stories when we’d go to training camp. Some of those stories would last over an hour. He also taught us how to whittle. He was our big entertainment. Walt was always an overachiever. He’s got a wonderful mind, and a wonderful gift of gab. He was a big part of our success and a big part of our entertainment.” – Bob Lilly

Walt once stated the reason that he preferred rodeo to football was that he always knew how a horse or steer was going to act, but people were much harder to predict. People, as he wrote in one of his cowboy poems, are funny critters.

Nobody was immune to Walt’s sense of wit. Early in his career with the team, Garrison had general manager Tex Schramm out in the parking lot of the team’s facilities explaining why you needed a $140 trailer hitch set up to tow a two-horse trailer behind a Pontiac Bonneville. The lesson ended with Schramm actually crawling under Walt’s car to see just what the heck was so special about the rig that would make Garrison pay that king of money to have it installed.

Coach Landry was also a target of Garrison’s humor. A reporter once asked if Walt had ever seen his stoic coach smile. The Cowboys running back replied “No, but then I’ve only been around here for nine years.”

Walt Garrison is one of the truly good guys in life, and everything that has ever happened in his life, good or bad, has been met in the same manner. He has always lived his life to the fullest. As the web site for his company, Walt Garrison Foods, states:

More than just a name sake, Walt is a hands on owner, and many nights you will find him in the restaurant, and you never know which of his other famous friends will be with him. And if you see him, don’t be shy, or embarrassed to ask for an autograph, or shake his hand. The one thing that has always separated Walt is his good ole’ boy friendliness, Cowboy Charm, and his honest desire to meet people and tell stories.

He is the kind of person you just enjoy being around.